My first memory of the Grand Central Terminal clock is a scene from The Fisher King, a 1991 film about redemption, finding love and losing your mind, if not in that order. Commuters entering the terminal,milling about as they do, then finding random partners with whom to dance, they waltz through a homeless man's fantasy, reverting to their commuting task as the music breaks.

That's neither here nor there, really. The scene simply placed in me the desire to experience this iconic space for myself.

On Sunday, May 20th, 2012 (at about 2.35 according to the aforementioned clock), I found myself in Grand Central amongst the rabble - mainly fellow tourists, with, sadly, very little waltzing on offer - and proceeded to take some photos, digital and film. My film camera - a 1953 Rolleicord twin lens reflex camera - is often a source of interest to others, though ALWAYS a source of interest to me, and was in fine form that day.

At a certain point, I centred myself on the stairs on the East end of the terminal, whispered a little prayer, and released the shutter. I repeated this ritual a few times in various locations, looking back fondly over my shoulder as I exited - excited - onto 42nd Street to continue my wander.

Fast-forward home to film processing and scanning, a process which is always incredibly stressfull and often unbelievably rewarding, to find great results from my film forays in the big city. Rarely a user of colour film, I was very pleased with some night photography from the Empire State Building (go after midnight - shorter lines), but thrilled by my Grand Central shots, one in particular which leads us here today.

When framing the shot, I took into account the light and the shapes, treating the people as incidental, really, intending to make the exposure a little longer to blur any movement - lovely for anonymity and a great juxtaposition of static and dynamic.

When I came upon this image I discovered a fellow photographer staring down the barrel of his SLR, though I can't imagine he saw me any more than I saw him.

I couldn't have planned the shot any better - the light, the position - tick all of the boxes that make an interesting photo.

Now, however, I'm left with questions, leading us here: who is this person? And what does HIS photo look like?

I'd like to see if we can find him - 'we' being the Facebook collective. I don't know him, but maybe a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (lather, rinse, repeat) DOES, and I'd like to see that picture.

I have no ulterior motive, no insidious plan - just a simple curiosity.

I'm going to ask you all a favor, all of you friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends: post this link to your wall and let's see if our world can get that much smaller.






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